Monday, July 6, 2009

About CCC

Over the years cinema and visual media have become the sole entertainment medium for majority of the population. It has mesmerised everyone with its fantasies and exaggerations disseminating both positive and negative aspects. At this scenario, everyone has to be aware of ‘what to perceive and what not to from the information provided through the films. For the purpose, they should know how to read a film based on social, economical, political, historical and ethical concepts. Here arises the need, so at Cinema Club of Coimbatore we have taken the initial step to educate people on how to view and read a film.

What we do?

We screen classical films, short films, parallel films and documentaries followed by a strong discussion with the experts from various fields. We also conduct reviews of films, seminars and workshops on film-making etc. Our activities also include programs in schools and colleges. We are also well-supported by renowned personalities from the film making industry, whose guidance and assistance has encouraged us forge ahead towards achieving our aim.

Today CCC is having more than 300 members

Annual membership fee - Rs.300 /-

Fore more info about our programs and membership call : 09443578887, 09994411774

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